Spanish vs aztec weaponry essay

The aztec army the military commander-in-chief was the king himself, the tlatoanihe was assisted by his second-in-command, who had the title cihuacoatljoining these two in a war council were four more of the highest ranking nobles, typically relatives of the king. By 1521, the aztec culture was officially eradicated and a new culture, consisting of a combination of aztec and spanish elements, emerged hence, the aztecs and the spanish acclimatized to each other’s way of life, which resulted in significant changes in both cultures. 17400 spanish versus aztec military strategy and tactics this paper explores the military strategies and tactics evident in the conquest of mexico, comparing and contrasting the military strategies and tactics used by cortés versus those favored by montezuma, cuauhtémoc and the other aztec kings and military leaders. Sometimes the inca military would add to their arsenals the weapons of the countries that they had defeated this is how they discovered the bola which was very effective against the spanish horses the bola was a rope with three stones attached, and when thrown correctly it could encircle the arms and legs of the enemy. The spanish had stronger and more complex weapons than the aztecs did this fact helped them conquer the aztecs with a lot of ease since the aztecs used weapons that were weaker than the one used by the spanish (gillen, & ghosh, 2007.

Teacher notes spanish explorer hernan cortés encountered the aztecs in 1519 and conquered them in 1521, claiming their empire for spain he then destroyed the aztecs capital city of tenochtitlan and rebuilt a spanish city on its ruins. Check out our top free essays on compare aztec and inca to help you write your own essay brainiacom join now free essays on compare aztec and inca search inca vs aztec the aztecs of mexico and the inca of peru both had great empires there were many similarities between the two along with many differences (before the spanish. Each ancient aztec weapon was unique, used for a specific purpose - aztec warfare was a highly organized, complex affair, steeped in ritual and tradition we know quite a bit about some of the weapons that were used by the aztecs, though it appears much of the history has been lost. Tactical factors in the spanish conquest of the aztecs douglas a daniel western washington university a perspective largely unexamined in past works on the spanish conquest of mexico has.

Therefore, the spanish use of the cavalry and artillery, tactics and weaponry placed the aztec in a vulnerable position in frontal assault on open terrain moreover, the aztecs were only fighting with the spaniards for three years, a very short period for training, too short to come out with new military technique. Spanish versus aztec weapons john gustavsen loading unsubscribe from john gustavsen apaches vs aztecs: ambush - medieval 2 - duration: 3:57 moreatan 62,795 views. Other disadvantages that the aztecs had were “they were not united with the other tribes in america (the spanish were able to unite with the other tribes to fight against the aztecs), they had primitive weapons, and they ran out of supplies quickly so they were not able to stay on the battle field for long. Aztec and spanish military comparison a comparative analysis of aztec and spanish military development during the conquest of mexico the rapid growth of the mexica dominion in central mexico lifted the region into an era of widespread war and violence.

Aztecs vs mayans diffen social sciences history the aztecs were nahuatl-speaking people who lived in central mexico in the 14th to 16th centuries. Iron armor and steel swords were used by the spanish which were leauges above the aztec weapons also guns and cannons were used to obliterate the aztec defence even the simple calvery units. Aztecs incas and spanish empires during the creation of the spanish empire, very many native tribes were destroyed they destroyed the people alongside their culture and in the case of the incas and the aztecs tried to eliminate every trace of these people because they were pagans. The spanish conquistadors were more advanced in their technology for their weaponry, because the spanish conquistadors had guns and iron swords while the aztecs were fighting with their obsidian swords and bow and arrows. Epidemics and the spanish conquest of mexico essay - the aztec and mesoamerican indigenous civilizations were some of the most well developed pre-industrial civilizations with populations averaging approximately twenty million prior to spanish conquest (marr and kiracoffe 2000.

The spanish had a greater advantage when compared to the aztecs they had horses, swords, firearms, explosives, armor, and cannons and on the other hand aztecs had two handed swords and arrows the natives were intimidated by their weaponry. Since there is no real way to discover the causes of cortes’ upset victory of the aztec empire, one must figure it was the weaponry, intelligence, and luck no matter what it was, it definitely was pivotal in the conquest of mexico for the spanish empire. The weapons of the spanish are probably what intimidated the aztecs the most and are probably what made them wary enough to have guards watching the spanish at all times in the city the aztec knew they were no match for the spanish armor, iron swords, and cannons. The aztecs - the aztecs were an american indian people who ruled a mighty empire in mexico from the 1400's to the 1500's the aztecs had one of the most advanced civilizations in the americas and built cities as large as any in europe at that time.

  • The aztecs and the maya we’re sincerely grateful to panel of experts member elizabeth graham, professor of mesoamerican archaeology at university college london, for this quick, fun, helpful, entry-level comparison between the mexica (aztecs) and the maya.
  • The aztecs on the other hand over time evolved into a great empire stretching from according to john p schmal the pacific ocean to the gulf coast and from central mexico to present-day republic of guatemala.

The spanish conquest essay nahua and inca empires an encounter of the spanish, the meeting of the two cultures was a conquest because the spanish brutally defeated and took over the indigenous cultures with the help of many advantages. How did the spanish beat the aztec with weak guns discussion in 'general weapons discussion' started by cobra, apr 26, 2004 page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next apr 26, 2004 #1 cobra guest as everyone knows, the spanish defeated the aztec spanish weapons vs aztec weapons, the greatest weapon the spanish had against the aztecs was . The spanish although outnumbered, had the technological advantage of steel weapons, armor, horses, and cannon upon his arrival in tenochtitlán, cortez was initially welcomed and treated well, in part because the aztec may have thought him to be a god. Essay #1: spanish colonization and destruction of the aztecs the spanish influence in the americas negatively impacted the aztec empire and other natives of the americas until spanish conquistadors ultimately conquered the native people.

spanish vs aztec weaponry essay Early americas (maya, aztec, inca)  “inca empire,” describes the events following the first spanish contact with the inca in 1527  world museum of man — pre-columbian aztec an online exhibit of tools, weapons, and artifacts that presents a brief overview of aztec history and culture.
Spanish vs aztec weaponry essay
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